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Clagg's Private Investigative Agency

Professional, thorough, and timely investigations


Service of Process

Service of Process is the delivery of a summons or legal papers to the person required to respond to them. We understand that court proceedings can be stressful, time consuming and have strict time constraints. We work hard to make sure that your legal papers are served quickly, professionally, and filed correctly. We provide the following:

  • Make first attempt within 24 hours
  • Up to three attempts
  • Emergency Service
  • Proof of service mailed to the client
  • Proof of service filed at the court

Private Investigations

Private Investigators or "PI's" are privately hired by clients to do investigation or detective work. We legally collect evidence for clients for personal, professional, and legal matters. We provide the following to meet our clients needs: 

  • Surveillance
  • Background Checks
  • Written Reports
  • Copies of photo/video evidence
  • Appear In court upon request
  • Interview witnesses

Armed Security Escorts

Armed Security Escorts are provided for individuals or corporations needing protection for business and other purposes.